Blog new´s

Run into some problems with the uscript tutorial, but it will be finished soon. Working on a DirectX 2d engine ATM, probaly will turn part´s of it to a couple of DirectX tutorials.


Blog news

Have begun to work on third tutorial today, hopefully will I finish it this weekend. It will tell how to add a own pawn and playercontroller to UT2004, maybe will talk little about makeing bot´s too if I get around to it. After this tutorial its time to make a DirectX tutorial so its next in line after I have finished this third tutorial.


Second Tutorial

Are in the hurry right now, shall play some floorball. But finished and uploaded a new tutorial today. It explain how to do a small gametype in UT2004, it also bring up other subject´s around codeing in UT2004.


First tutorial

Made the first tutorial today, its about unrealscript and how to set up a Total Conversion mod for UT2004. If you any questions about that tutorial please comment them here and if you find something witch is incorrect in the tutorial. Like my spelling probaly... :)


First post

Will attempt to create some hopefully nice code tutorials in different languages like fairly unknown languages like unrealscript, but in more common languages too like C/C++, Java and DirectX. Only the future will tell if I succeed or not...